I’m happy to announce that I am a new ecologist for the National Park Service. But more on that later. What do I do with all the online stuff I made to help me get a job? I’ve got this blog, my homepage, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Faceboook. I’ve spent time and energy crafting a “brand”. I worked on my Site Engine Optimization (SEO). I wrote, rewrote, and posted numerous versions of my resume on numerous job sites. I removed blog posts during this process also. It is a huge mental shift from job searching to job doing, and I’ve been in my job nearly three months. So up to now, I’ve done nothing with this stuff.

Option-one is to forget about it, move on, and abandon it. After all, now that I’ve stopped applying for jobs, I don’t need to project the image of the perfect potential employee anymore. Employers aren’t going to be googling me any time soon, so it hardly matters in the short term. But this isn’t a good option. I would expect the SEO I’ve worked on to erode, and in a few years time who knows what might come up in Google…or whatever is next. If I ever do look for a job again…in five years…in ten years…who knows…I would have to start over building the online persona I want to project. I’m tempted by the experiment, i.e. what would happen if I did abandon this stuff, but I’m not going to risk that. So option-one is out.

Option-two is to shrink back to some minimum presence. I could delete this blog entirely, for example, but that would wreck my SEO, so lets forget that too. Option-three is to find some middle ground -stop advertising that I’m looking for work, but maintain an online presence. I know some people that have studiously avoided the online world, but having jumped down the rabbit hole I can’t stop now.

This is new territory. The whole notion of building an online-brand is not that old. Googling applicants is younger still. Hopefully the idea of applicants being required to open their Facebook accounts to employers will die as quickly as it arose. But now that job-seekers have had to fully incorporate their online presence, or create a new one from scratch, into job searching, that presence must evolve along with their circumstances.

So here’s the plan: delete the direct job searching material, restore some of things I deleted, and share what I learned during my job search – the good and the bad. Along with this new start I’m changing the format theme to a new look. This transition will take a while – I promise to have better pictures soon – so that’s why there’s still a “available for new employment” page. Look for new posts about twice a week.

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