Environmental Science and Technology has accepted another paper of ours, this time a manuscript about spiders as sentinels of PCB transfer from aquatic to terrestrial food webs led by David Walters. It’s a companion paper to one we have in review at Ecological Applications led by me. Hopefully the Eco Apps paper will be accepted without too much trouble,  because I’d like to write a research blog on both papers in the same post. The paper was submitted as a communication, and “These papers will be fast-tracked through the editorial, review and production processes so as to make possible a relatively rapid publication”, or so says the website. 91 days and counting Eco Apps, 91 days and counting.

I also just sent back proofs  of my resource shed paper to ES&T. They say that once proofs are returned, the paper will be published electronically within 48 hrs. I suppose it will then be appropriate to research blog about it. But research blogging in general raises the question of when it is appropriate to blog about a new paper, that is, give details about the findings. The Research blogging website states that it’s supposed to be for peer-reviewed reserach, but also says:”

While there is no hard-and-fast definition of “peer-review,” peer reviewed research should meet the following guidelines:

  • Reviewed by experts in field
  • Edited
  • Archived
  • Published with clearly stated publication standards
  • Viewed as trustworthy by experts in field

Research Blogging News

Now, since I’m looking for a job, I’m motivated to highlight new work on this blog as quickly as possible. Hence I am selectively posting interesting results. Normally I’d wait until the paper was published, but this is the first time a paper of mine will appear online before it appears in print. Now that is what I call “rapid publication”. I expect ES&T to reach the electronic publication stage before I get reviews back from Eco Apps, so I’ll just have to be content with blogging about the two PCB papers separately.

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